Pick from one of the following packages or add on menus

Shimmer & Shine      Starts at $35
Includes a top of the line shampoo; Fluff-dry; 15-minute brush; nail trim; ear cleaning; sanitary trim; scissoring feet; shaving pads and anal gland cleaning.

The Complete Groom     Starts at $55 ( for small dogs)
The Sparkle & Shine Package that includes basic clipper work and minimal scissoring. This is just right for pets that are frequently groomed.

Premium Groom      Starts at $58
The Complete Groom plus hand scissoring, brushing and dematting or clipper work. Ideal dog grooming package for coats requiring extra time and care. Perfect for your hand-scissored Bichon Frise, Poodle, and your Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier

FURminator® DeShedding starts at $30
A Complete Groom or Sparkle & Shine Package that also includes a low-shed shampoo that is enriched with oatmeal, aloe and vitamins that strengthen the hair shafts and release the undercoat. With the added bonus of up to 30 minutes of brushing with the FURminator tool. An amazing process that dramatically reduces shedding!

The Kat's Meow Bath starts at $50 for short hair and $65 for long hair                                  Your kitty will be given a warm bath and blow dry with one of our quite warm dryers to help remove all of their shedding coats.  Their bath will include a nail trim and brush out.  Sanitary trims and belly shells outs, add $5.

The Kool Kat Groom starts at $75                                                                                                 Includes the Kat's Meow bath and dry along with a nail trim.  You have your choice of a short lion trim or an all over longer trim. 


Add on Menu


Diamond Dog  $15 with purchase of bath or grooming package                                                                                                                                     Privilege your dog to any of our Premium Shampoos below along with teeth brushing and breath freshener. Add a bow or a bandana for a finished look.

Teeth Brushing with breath freshner $12

Add any of our Premium Shampoos for only $5

Brightening Shampoo
EMERALD BLACK® Professional shampoo cleans, conditions and enriches the color of black or dark coats. Helps eliminate red tones, brassiness and sun fading. Deodorizes and leaves hair lustrous and shiny.

Whitening Shampoo                                                                                                              ALPHA WHITE™ for whiter, cleaner-looking dogs with no chemical dyes.  Evening Primrose Oil for relief of dry skin and itchiness with a delicious scent for long-lasting freshness. Best when used on white or light coated dogs.                                                                                                        

Hypoallergenic Shampoo                                                                                                                             Moisturizes and soothes the skin. Revitalizes and detangles the coat. The result is a softer, shinier coat. It is free from dyes and perfumes that could futher irritate the skin.

Medicated Shampoo                                                                                                                 Used for dermatological conditions associated with fungal infections and superficial skin infections caused by yeast and scaling. It is made with rich emollients that penitrate the coat and skin to lock in moisture to help provide soothing relief.

Tropiclean Spa Comfort - Pampers and soothes irritated skin.                                                This rich combination of nourishing body bath and rich vitamins is designed to leave your pet's skin and coat feeling cleansed and smooth. The aromatherapy effects of lavender and the soothing effects of hydrolyzed oatmeal combine to relieve stress and impart comfort to your loved one.


Tropiclean Spa Fresh - Refreshing, gentle body cleanser.   Refreshing vanilla, invigorating white tea and stimulating milk thistle have been chosen for their purifying and circulation boosting properties, helping to combat the effect of toxins. Dead skin cells are sloughed away and your pets coat will immediately be naturally radiant, nourished and healthier. Your pets Spa bath will be deep cleansing, refreshing and naturally aromatic.

Tropiclean Spa Renew - Nourishing and restoring damaged hair.   An extremely gentle cocoa derived cleanser with just the right amounts of botanical emollients, ginger root and pink grapefruit to leave the hair shiny, unbelievably manageable and brilliantly clean. Clarifies and removes excess toxins. Renew Spa shampoo contains deep moisture to nourish and restore your pet's skin and coat.

Fresh Facial Scrub - This mild yet concentrated, lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances. It has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains, and will not sting eyes. Great for all skin types and all ages of pets.





Walk-in Services

1 for $12    2 for $18   3 for $22

Nail Grinding
Reduces scratches on hardwood floors, furniture and you.

Nail Trimming
Prevents painful splitting of the nails and is necessary for your dogs comfort and safety.

Ear Cleaning
Reduces build-up and helps prevent infection.

Teeth Brushing and Breath Freshener
Helps maintain healthy teeth and gums along with fresh breath.

Face, Feet or Sanitary trim All dogs hair/furr grows at a different pace. Some faster than others. This is a quick and easy way to maintain certain areas between grooming appointments.

Gland Expression
Helps prevent impacted glands

**Walk in brushing and de-matting is based on $1 a minute